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Why Custom Made

100% Sastification

Instead of buying a ready made Plastic Bag, GS Plastic Bag custom makes a Plastic Bag to your size. No matter what is the size,we will make your Plastic Bag totally conform to your measurement,so we can make a 100% quality promise.

Unlimited of Styles

With our service, you will never worry about the size, style, design of the bags. Please feel free to play with any style that you want.

Custom made is Unique

Every company have their own identity, if you can design the Plastic Bags which suitable your company image.

Quality Assurance


GS Plastic Bag is only use the good quality Plastic Bag Material.

Sewing Technology

We are proud to offer LDPE/HDPE Material to our customer, it is strong,clean and neat. Besides, it also help our customer to save cost because less of material wastage compare to thread sewing.


We will show you the mock sample before bulk proceed. We assure you that Plastic Bags we make for you would be perfect!

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