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Dmas® advanced Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additive is a Patented Technology based on US Pat. No.6482872 "Process for Manufacturing a Biodegradable Polymeric Composition".

"Dmas" is a specially formulated degradant catalyst which leads polyolefin polymers such as polyethylene
and polypropylene, considered as non-biodegradable polymers, into "*Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics".

Dmas degradant additives provide the chemical environment that subsequently and inevitably leads to the
total degradation of the polyethylene product into carbon dioxide, water and a benign, non-toxic residue at
the molecular level, which is then totally assimilated back into nature.

Evaluation of Biodegradability

Biodegradability of Dmas Degradable Plastics has been tested and proved to comply with ISO14855 standard. ISO14855 is defined as “Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability and disintegration of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions – Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide”.

Dmas dosed LDPE Films, which were oxo-degraded were evaluated for testing. Tests result showed that the degree of biodegradability was 30% after 144days and it was still increasing. This investigation has shown that when the Dmas dosed plastics will degrade into low molecular mass products and the plastics are certainly bio-assimilated after they go through the degradation process.

Through Dmas additive induced oxo-biodegradation process, plastic materials after going through stage 1: oxidative degradation will finally be bio-assimilated by the living organism in stage 2: biodegradation process. Only if the plastic materials are bio-assimilated by the living organism will carbon dioxide be evolved. And repeated tests conducted by a number accredited authorized testing body including Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute (CERI, www.ceri.jp), an renown accredited authorized testing body in Japan has confirmed the biodegradability of Dmas Degradable Plastics


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