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We Are Plastic Bag Supplier in Malaysia


Our company manufactures all types of industrial plastic bags (poly bags) including on a roll, flat clear plastic bags, and numerous clear plastic including specialties such as adhesive tape closures, reinforced headers, pillow case, and envelope bag. We offer fast turn around on all wholesale orders, low minimum order quantity, and have the experience and capability to handle large volume orders in shortest possible time.

Printed plastic bags are the perfect way to advertise your business. Get your company design or logo printed on our quality plastic bags and stand out from the crowd as your customers do your advertising for you. We keep our service simple and fast to ensure our prices stay low while the quality of our bags remains extremely high.

Custom Made Plastic Bag with Printing

  • Singlet Plastic Bag
  • Die Cut Plastic Bag
  • Soft Loop Plastic Bag
  • Hard Loop Plastic Bag

We have various type of Plastic Bag (poly bag), we manufacture and supply plastic bag (poly bag) in Malaysia, view our product page now to know more info. We can fully customize a plastic bag to fit your needs! We supply plastic bag include printing of your company logo on it.

- Singlet Plastic Bag / T Shirt Plastic Bag - Singlet Poly Bag / T Shirt Poly Bag
- Soft loop Plastic Bag - Soft loop Poly Bag
- Hard loop Plastic Bag - Hard loop Poly Bag
- Die Cut Plastic Bag / Kidney Hole Plastic Bag - Die Cut Poly Bag / Kidney Hole Poly Bag
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Custom Made Plastic Bag (Poly Bag)

Ready Stock Plastic Bag (Poly Bag)

view custom made plastic bag view ready made plastic bag

Custom Made Plastic Bag (Poly Bag)

GS Plastic Bag can custom made a Plastic Bag to your size. No matter what your size,we will make your Plastic Bag totally conform to your measurement,so we can make a 100% quality promise. Our bag is local made in Malaysia.

Ready Stock Plastic Bag(Ready Made)

We have Ready Made Plastic Bag which is come with few sizes and colours.

custom made plastic bag ready made plastic bag
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plastic bag material art-requirement plastic bag standard size ordering plastic bag

Plastic Bag Material

We are mainly supply 2 type material for plastic bag (poly bag):

  • 1. HDPE Plastic Bag (Poly Bag)
  • 2. LDPE Plastic Bag (Poly Bag)

Art Requirements

We only accept file as below:

1. Adobe Illustrator: .ai
2. Adobe Illustrator: .eps

Standard Size

We have 4 type of size for our customer to choose:

1. A5 Size
2. A4 Size
3. A3 Size
4. A2 Size

How to Order

Email your requirement as below to us get our quotation.

1. Product Type:
2. Size:
3. Printing color:
4. Base color:
5. Quantity:
6. Place to be Deliver:

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  • - New customers buy from us because we save them money!
  • - We listen, We discuss, We advise.
  • - We love nothing more that working on a great project with a fantastic client.
  • - Our graphic design, printing and overall quality of plastic bag (poly bag) manufacturing is phenomenal!
  • - Our prices are very competitive and delivery is quick – we almost never miss a deadline!
  • - You get the best packaging solutions at the best price!
  • - We manufacture in Malaysia, nothing is more important for our economy;
  • - We have an in-house design team and in-house chemist, we can design and create any product you can dream of;

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